Chain-driven roller conveyors

Do you want to move heavy loads? The Stikkers chain-driven roller conveyors are ideally suited for this purpose.

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Relatively large drive moments can be transferred to the rollers via the chains. The roller conveyors are standard for a pitch of 125 or 150 mm with a roll diameter of 89 x 3.2 mm and are suitable for loads up to 2000 kg. Other options are also available. Just tell us: how do you want them?

Most robust chain conveyor

A chain-driven roller conveyor, also called a pallet conveyor, is the most robust chain conveyor. An electric motor that drives a roller is mounted on each segment of the track. The transmission between the rollers takes place by means of a roller-on-roller drive. Would you like to know more about the functioning? We are happy to share our knowledge.

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