Chain conveyor

Do you want to transport pallets and general cargo? With a Stikkers chain conveyor, you can do this very smoothly and efficiently.

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The choice for a chain conveyor, instead of a roller conveyor, is made when a pallet is transported ‘transversely’ in relation to the direction of transport. This means that the lower planks of the pallet are at right angles to the direction of travel. Either from Long Side Leading (LSL) to Short Side Leading (SSL) or vice versa. In the case of long conveyor sections, it may be more economical to use a chain conveyor instead of a roller conveyor. We will be happy to advise you.

Construction of the chain conveyor

The Stikkers chain conveyors are usually made up of two or three chain tracks. The segments are available in different sizes and with different engine powers. The outsides of each length of chain are fitted with a sprocket in cast end piece. The chain runs along the profile, via the end piece to a sprocket on the central drive shaft. Each chain section is synchronously driven by a sprocket on the drive shaft.

Adjusted dimensions

The conveyor length is the length of a chain conveyor on which the load is transported. In the case of a chain conveyor, the width of the conveyor belt is tailored to the dimensions of the pallet to be transported. The pallet must be at least as long as the conveyor belt is wide, to prevent tipping over the centre chain section.

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