Industrial supply

We specialise in industrial supplies and have our own engineering workshop. Whatever sheet metal, folding, bending and welding work you need, we will take care of it. In doing so, we use skilled personnel, machines and resources to process a wide range of products. Especially for small and medium-sized series, we efficiently process customer-specific parts into semi-finished and/or finished products.

Fast and flexible customisation

Your big advantage is that we arrange everything for you both internally and externally. From on-site measuring and prefabricated preparation of parts in our workshop to external delivery of the installation to the production site.

With the help of a number of suppliers, we can provide fast and flexible customisation. You can rely on our skilled and experienced workforce to have qualitative and competitively-priced products delivered to you. We provide structural customisation based on your drawings and provide the required surface treatments.

Need more? If required, we can also further assemble and treat your products to become finished products (including assembly and electrical cabling). As a result, you only need to outsource your products to one supplier. You see: we are your one-stop shop!

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Welding and construction work

We use qualified welders and welding systems for all work. We carefully follow the prescribed testing and welding protocols. This enables us to deliver high quality with our welding activities. Our people are continuously kept up-to-date with instructions and training so that we can guarantee high-quality welding.


Mechinal engineering

Stikkers International fulfils customer requirements in the field of (intra)logistic systems. We have a fully equipped workshop. In our own workshop, we design and build logistics (sub-)systems entirely according to customer specifications. If you wish, you can make use of our own business office. They elaborate customer-specific issues using advanced drawing software, such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD.


Besides building and engineering, we are also engaged by many customers to carry out overhaul work. We use our knowledge and experience to find the reasons why your (intra)logistic system, transport or packaging line is not working properly during the production process.

When we find the cause, we will consult with you to agree what improvements need to be made by means of an overhaul or modification. We also have the ability to engineer and manufacture parts in-house in our workshop to minimise downtime. Choose uptime, choose our overhaul specialists!

Our tip: provide your machine with overhaul or modifications when you are no longer satisfied with your packaging machine or line. Our specialists are happy to replace existing parts and modernise the machine. This will give you a well-functioning packaging machine or line for years to come.

Please tell us your needs and wishes. We are happy to think along with you!

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Expertise that we like to share with you

How can we help you?

As a specialist in the field of industrial installation, (de)assembly and maintenance jobs, both mechanical and electrical, we would like to meet with you to discuss our possibilities in terms of services, products and competences. Are you ready for an inspiring meeting?

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