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Item D23
Mechanical and electrical extension of previously installed intra-logistics system with multiple flow-through racks, several spiral conveyors, crate warehouses and kilometres of box- and crate conveyors at multiple floor and platform levels aimed particularly at the inbound and outbound of children's toys and entertainment products. All this in a very short installation period, while the "shop" was open during the installation.

Item D1
Mechanical and electrical installation of a sorting system for various parcels at a Chinese logistics company in Liège. This sorting system enables the end customer to sort 14.400 parcels per hour. Th system contains 280 sorter-carriers and 143 chutes. The realisation of this project enables delivery to the customer from China within 72 hours.

Second assembly project for a logistics service provider at their Zwickau site. The system consists of three sorting systems (A-B-C) with a total of 40 sorters and 81 chutes on several floor levels, enabling sorting of 4.200 parcels per hour.

Item D18
Mechanical and electrical installation project including kilometres of conveyor systems supplemented by flow racks including zone picking with Pick To Light. The end-user can now easily transport her items to the warehouse and then exchange them as required between Retail and E-commerce.


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