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There is no one way that works for all logistics companies. That is why flexibility and the ability to respond to wishes and requirements are so important. This is the strength of Stikkers International. That is why our services are so popular in the logistics industry. Also because our own maintenance department is always ready to minimise your downtime.


Flexible solutions are essential in a dynamic market. The logistics market is already far advanced in automating internal transport, but there is still a world to be won when it comes to applying automation for product handling. The use of automated systems is becoming increasingly crucial in these times of staff shortages to cope with growing production demands and greater variation. We will help you do just that.

An additional challenge in this area is to achieve higher productivity due to the constant cost pressure within the logistics sector. We work extensively with system integrators to improve and optimise packaging lines and installations.

Whether it is data, productivity, ergonomics or safety in the logistics industry, we think along with you.

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